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Tanea's Speaking pdfShe believes that Inspiration, Motivation + Application are the 3 essential keys to success. Tanea has the innate ability to bring her own brand of infectious humor and authenticity to any event.


What can Tanea do for you?

Tanea’s only goal is to ensure that your audience “gets” your message. She will work diligently with your meeting planners to make sure that your people are not only ready but also able to apply what they’ve learned following your event.


What makes Tanea different?

She is a master at communicating in a very real & honest way. Tanea understands that the audience must feel connected to the message and the messenger. Tanea feels their pain because she has walked in their shoes. She uses her unique style of storytelling as a real life illustration to your audience that they are not alone. She has known shame, fought through fear, soared past stigmas and managed to see & “sow” her way to success. Tanea’s story infused with your core message will leave your attendees motivated to change their lives, to walk toward their dreams and to no longer let their fears hold them back.


How does she work with you as a keynote or breakout session speaker?

During the initial personal phone consultation the objectives of the event will be clearly defined. Once you have booked Tanea she will develop customized content that will not only meet your needs but exceed your expectations.

Ever the people person Tanea will arrive at the venue early to mingle with your attendees and begin her process of connecting. After engaging with your audience and getting to hear more about their challenges and concerns in their own words, Tanea will deliver a powerful speech that is equal parts captivating, uplifting and empowering.

As a professional speaker Tanea knows how to combine her life experiences with candor and humor to educate and inform. Tanea understands that no audience likes you to talk at them but with them and her style is to teach and not preach. A sucker for a great conversation, her presentation is dynamic and packed with high energy, wit and wisdom.


Discounted Books and Resources:Tanea's Speaking pdf

You may wish to provide additional resources to your attendees to help them stay inspired long after the event is over. Tanea’s journals & stationery areavailable at a volume discount if you purchase them in advance for your attendees. They can also be made available for individual sale to attendees (i.e. a table in the back of the room).


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