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Ready, Set, Change! 3 ways to acknowledge the clicks in your life.

Nothing happens in life until you decide. You won’t lose weight until you tire of going into the dressing room and yelling out to your girlfriend to bring you a dress in the next size up. You won’t get control of your finances until you tire of MasterCard,Visa & American Express getting their cut of your coins each month or else. But more importantly you will not take control of your destiny until you tire of putting it in someone else’s hands.



In life we all experience a series of what I call “Clicks”.

6 years ago, I had just given birth to my daughter Jada Jasmine who joined her Daddy and big brother Brandon & me in our beautiful Brooklyn apartment. Newly engaged and at home on a 4 month maternity leave, I placed our bouncing baby girl into her overpriced Stokke stroller (don’t judge) and went on an excursion in nearby Prospect Park. The birds were chirping, the sun was shining and folks were roller blading way too fast. But hey, that’s the park for you.  As I’m walking along humming a little Stevie Wonder there was that familiar feeling that has visited me throughout my life – the click. The “click” is simply a feeling deep down in your soul that it’s “shift time”. You’ve felt it. The little voice inside that lets you know that it’s time to turn the page and do something different.

We’ve all had that feeling. Trouble is, many times we’re complacent and are too afraid to acknowledge it. Acknowledging means that you just might  have to do something about it, right? Well, that’s exactly the point. Life is about change. Evolution. About constantly growing out of yourself and into something even more fabulous.

Here’s how to start to listen for the clicks in your own life:

Get still. Literally.

In my humble opinion, life is just too damn busy. You can easily miss what God is trying to tell you because you don’t take time to slow down and listen.

Take heed to the words of your critics.

I know, I know. “Hater” has become the buzz word for this decade, however, you can learn a lot from someone who is adamant about pointing out your flaws. Instead of taking offense, perhaps you should take heed and examine yourself. Are you a bit too vain, opinionated or brash? Self reflection is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves. You don’t have to stare hard in the mirror, but do take a glance from time to time. Real subtle like and then get started working out those kinks.

 Put pen to paper

Between 1994 and 1996 every entry in my journal began with this sentence – “This Is Not My Reality”. Back then I knew nothing about clicks or affirmations. What I was absolutely sure of was that my life at that time was not the one that God intended for me. Period. I knew that I would be much more. Writing can open you up in ways that you could never imagine.

 That click, 6 years ago, was the catalyst for me to start my labor of love, She’s Got Papers. I’ve learned to tune into the clicks in my life well enough that they do not frighten me, but rather propel me forward.

So tell me, what’s clicking in your life right now? Are you willing to listen, take a look and write down those keen observations? Remember, nothing happens until YOU decide.

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