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April is Card & Letter Writing Month!









3 people who would love to get a handwritten note from you!

  • Your Customers: As you know the customer is the heart & soul of any company. The courtship usually goes something like this:
  • They hear about you
  • They connect with you and your product in some way
  • They get to know, like & trust you
  • And before long you’ve made a sale and another and another.

And while there are competitors cropping up as I type your product has remained their favorite and they have continued to patronize your business. I’d say this is the perfect time to send an “I’m so grateful to have you” note to your diehard customers. It’ll capture their hearts in a way no utility bill ever could.

  • Every member of your team: Remember when your uber successful business was just a blip on your Apple screen? There were times when your parents were petrified that if you blew it you just might have to cram into their attic and your Aunt Mablean kept you in her prayers no matter which religion she was practicing that week. But it was your team that stayed in the trenches with you because they They’ve been with you in storms, rainbows and experienced all the magic in between. Drop a “Couldn’t do this without you” note on each of their desks tomorrow. If folks start simultaneously bursting into tears you’ll know they got the memo.
  • Your #1 Cheerleader: Being an entrepreneur can be a very lonely life. There will be exhilarating highs and incomprehensible lows. Some days you won’t know if you’re in or out of the game and the “why” you were so sure of will become an increasingly defeaning WTF. Remember who talked you down when everything went North West, your biggest account dropped you & suddenly your parents attic began to seem like the perfect place to hide out with a 5th of Jack? Yep, your bestie, your ace, your most significant other. Oprah has Gayle, Lucy had Ethel, Kim K. & Beiber have Instagram and you have Phyllis. How many times has she thrown both caution & her diet to the wind, come over to your place with a fresh baked bread pudding, a Ray Charles greatest hits album and cried with you through a mess? And then gave unwaivering support as you set your sights on putting the pieces together again? Drop the lady a line. It’s well deserved.

This blog was originally featured on sheownsit.com.

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