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A Tribute to an Angel

flowers for MommyOn Friday, March 15th my beloved Grandmother made her transition.  She was the most unorthodox of grandmothers and that is why I loved her so. I affectionately called her “Mommy” and she was everything to me. Brash, unapologetic and full of the wisdom that only the women of a certain era possess.  She knew “how to do”, she spoke her mind and if you didn’t like it, well that was your problem.  She was witty and classy but with a Baltimore edge. Most importantly she was my staunch supporter. With every accomplishment she would say, “Well baby girl, you’re on your way”.  On the many occasions that I hit a bump, or took a wrong turn she would simply say “what you do now is up to you. I’m praying for you baby girl.”


Many of the pieces in the She’s Got Papers collection are an homage to her. From “Exalted” to “As A Courtesy” and even with the pearl bracelet in my logo, I paid tribute to her grace as a lady.  She taught me etiquette, she admonished me to my face for spoiling my children, but always encouraged me to be at my best.  When I climbed into bed on Friday afternoon I pulled from two nesting boxes the numerous letters and cards that she began sending to me in the late 1980’s.  They gave me comfort.  Her slanted handwriting and her trademark closing,  “Love Ya, Mommy”.


I am so proud to be her granddaughter and feel blessed that she is now guiding me in a new way – as an angel. Her passing has devastated me on a level that I’ve never experienced. She was more than my grandmother, we were friends and I will miss her forever.  To my precious Peola, I would like to say:


May you rest in eternal peace.


All my love,

2 Responses to A Tribute to an Angel

  1. Slacleror says:

    I was really pleased to acquire this web-site.I wanted to say thanks for your time for this fantastic read!! I have you bookmarked to have a look at new stuff you post.

  2. Rolanda Smith says:

    Tanea, that was a beautiful Tribute to Mommy!!

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