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Ready, Set, Change! 3 ways to acknowledge the clicks in your life.

Nothing happens in life until you decide. You won’t lose weight until you tire of going into the dressing room and yelling out to your girlfriend to bring you a dress in the next size up. You won’t get control of your finances until you tire of MasterCard,Visa & American Express getting their cut of your coins each month or else. But more importantly you will not take control of your destiny until you tire of putting it in someone else’s hands.



In life we all experience a series of what I call “Clicks”.

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So excited to be featured on The Purple Vine Club!

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Giving New Meaning to How Women Can Climb Their Way to the Top

By: Claudia Chan

As many entrepreneurs can attest, sometimes your business can take over your whole world. One of the biggest goals for my own business is planning S.H.E. Summit Week — a week of women-led events culminating in a transformational leadership and lifestyle conference for women on June 14 and 15.

In February, I woke in the middle of the night panicking about S.H.E. Summit for three consecutive weeks.

In April, my husband had an intervention with me because I was talking about S.H.E. Summit morning, noon and night. I talked about it over dinner with friends, during chats with local shopkeepers and even with our mail woman. I was out of control and he was losing his mind.

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Modern Etiquette: Five Ways to Say Thank You in the Digital Age by @inspiredbysgp

Thank you

by Tanea Smith

From the time I was a little girl I have been groomed for something. My mother gave me solid morals and work ethic. To this day I mimic her strength, calm under pressure, and dogged determination. My sister gave me a single piece of advice that changed my life and that was “Just Follow Through.” But my grandmother, who recently made her transition, taught me etiquette. The basic things. Little girls should be seen and not heard. How to make a bed, hotel style. How to set a table. And then, there’s her signature piece that serves me to this day, “How to Write a Thank You Note.” My grandmother believed that sending a handwritten thank you was an absolute must. It is classy, thoughtful and above all, it shows that you know “how to do.”

Here are several ways to send meaningful thank you notes in a modern world.

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A Tribute to an Angel

flowers for MommyOn Friday, March 15th my beloved Grandmother made her transition.  She was the most unorthodox of grandmothers and that is why I loved her so. I affectionately called her “Mommy” and she was everything to me. Brash, unapologetic and full of the wisdom that only the women of a certain era possess.  She knew “how to do”, she spoke her mind and if you didn’t like it, well that was your problem.  She was witty and classy but with a Baltimore edge. Most importantly she was my staunch supporter. With every accomplishment she would say, “Well baby girl, you’re on your way”.  On the many occasions that I hit a bump, or took a wrong turn she would simply say “what you do now is up to you. I’m praying for you baby girl.”


Spread the Love the Write Way

Wvalentines day heartselcome to our “Spread the Love the Write Way” campaign! 

It is all about Love, Appreciation and Thanks!  Our vision is for you to become more familiar with all that She’s Got Papers has to offer in terms of our products, but also it is all about your “experience”. 


Click This Image to Make Your Purchase

Each week we will feature a different card set/product, which will be offered for a discount of 25% for the length of the campaign, which ends on February 28th.  Just add coupon code SGP25 at checkout. You will be able to purchase these products throughout the month,  not just on the week that they are featured on.   You will also receive tips and resources on how to prepare your note cards via our blog, so check back often.

This week’s card is called “Be the Giver“.  The set comes with 6 folded notes and 6 envelopes.  Its the perfect card to share with that special someone who is so generous with themselves and their time – who needs to learn to love themselves a little bit more. Read more…

Success With A Capital P

I’ve heard that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. When I started on my journey as an entrepreneur 4 years ago I didn’t have an inkling as to what I was in for. I had an idea, an uber fabulous name, She’s Got Papers, cash to begin, the support of my family, stacks of research that I printed from various websites and a pint of Prailines n’ Cream from Baskin & Robbins just in case things got sticky. My plan was simple. I was going to design stationery, market it to women via my website and it was going to sell. Read more…