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Nothing happens until YOU decide. Your destiny rests firmly in your own hands. Tanea Smith of She's Got PapersMeet Tanea: Successful Entrepreneur, Launch while working expert & Inspirational Business Speaker
19 years ago Tanea Smith was a teenaged Mom living on welfare. Never once did she give up on herself or allow hopelessness to set in. She had a young child depending on her as well as the example of a Mom who had instilled in her a dogged determination and solid work ethic. Her faith, tenacity & determination and a yellow and blue portable typewriter changed the course of her life. She is a firm believer that:
Tanea's story from poverty to fnding her purpose as an entrepreneur creating She's Got Papers is inspiring, motivating, and sure to encourage women everywhere that they can overcome any challenge and live the life of their dreams.Motivation is everything. Once you have it, nothing in the world can stop you. You CAN create your own reality.

Does your audience consist of?

• Young women at a turning point in their lives who are unsure of how to turn an adversity into opportunity?
• Women that are working full time and longing to launch a business on the side that they’re passionate about?

Tanea was that girl. She has gone from welfare to wall street to being the CEO of a thriving stationery company and is supremely passionate
about inspiring others to not only strive, but thrive.Touching and down to earth. Tanea does not sugarcoat her past and makes you feel like you can literally take nothing and make something out of it.


She’s taken the bumps and the bruises and dedicated her life to finding a way to come out on top.

She has walked the walk and her witty, thought provoking talk will empower & motivate your audience to use their past & be resolute in creating the lives of their dreams.

Very few people really tell you how they're doing what they're doing. Tanea is very candid and open. Tanea Smith has been featured in Essence, More and About.com. She's also been a guest speaker at: St. John's University, City College of New York, and New York University.